LC Well goes to Europe!

LC Well, with it’s agenda of creating a happy, peaceful and better world, has been on a roll since inception and time and again it provides us with something that is extraordinary.
In February 2019, it opened LC Meditation Studio where it provides free yoga classes in Dubai 6 days a week. It also offers free counseling sessions and soon will be starting various courses like Reiki, NLP etc.
Recently, LC Well co sponsored a trip to Munich and Salzburg for it’s LC family. The trip was an initiative of Suno 1024 FM who were taking their listeners with them on a memorable journey. By contributing to this journey, LC Well helped create a lot of memories of a lifetime for many people.

Since LC Well falls under LC Group and they are going to be opening a merchandize store soon, LC Well shared some design samples with people in Munich and the feedback has inspired them to come up with the store nicely and soon!

Here’s a video to help teleport you to Munich and join the adventures of team LC Well.

Here’s a link to a day trip made to Salzburg, Austria

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