In the name of Well-being

Humans are opportunistic, selfish and insensitive. We have often heard and read this. Seldom are these traits absolutely necessary in selective circumstances, but more than often we find these traits being proudly displayed by humans even though they bring irreversible, lethal consequences with them.

From politics to war to the environment, everything gets influenced by these traits and they change with time leading to increase or decrease of growth, depending on the circumstance.

Founder of LC Well, Mr. Lal Chand feels the same is happening to the wellness industry. He feels that the industry that is supposed to help people improve physically, mentally, spiritually, often ends up stealing from people. In other words, he feels the wellness industry is pretty money minded. He not only talks about the fact that services, sessions and products are usually very expensive, but also that a lot of unqualified folks claim to be experts.

He mentions that people who really are in need of wellness and spirituality, either in terms of healing or just maintaining themselves as a lifestyle, end up paying whatever amount asked for but that often leads to disappointment when the amount paid is not worthy of the outcome.

For someone who is giving back to the world right now, with free counselling classes and free yoga classes in Dubai, Lal Chand feels too many people in the wellness industry don’t have their heart invested in it. This is bad because this industry is more than the business, it’s essence lies in helping one another, in healing one another, and help alleviate the human consciousness. In an instance, he met a lady who’s father in law was suffering from a disease. She was sold many stones, crystals, healing machines at three times the price by someone who ran a wellbeing organisation. She bought it all hoping it would cure her father in law. When she mentioned the prices she bought the products for, he asked her to double check the rates online and the prices turned out to be much cheaper! This is the kind of trickery you don’t expect in this field.

“Paying huge amounts of money per person for a two day workshop is unfair. Many organisations are doing it. The takeaway from most of these workshops is not at all worth the price. At the same time, there are amazing organisations giving away courses for free or for a nominal amount. It’s not about the money as much as it is about the good intent”, says Shreya Mahajan.

If you want to get more insight on what Mr. Lal Chand has to say then check out his article either in gulf news of 6th May 2019 or on on 5th May 2019. Always remember that wellbeing doesn’t have to come at a price. That wellbeing is crucial, but comes easily to everyone. And that you must surround yourself with those who intend well for you and aren’t double faced or quacks in the name of healers and experts.

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