How to exercise when tired

Look, not all of us have a lot of time on our hands. Most of us exchange time for money by working a job 5-6 days a week. A desk job as we all know, is deadly for health. It is highly responsible for your growing belly, locked hips and back pain. It is highly responsible for why you look at adventure seeking instagramers online with dreamy eyes. But back to the topic at hand now!

So desk job, ironically, is exhausting! And the body has a tendency to slack. When you put the body in slack mode on your office chair for 9 (or lesser hours if you are lucky) hours, you, sometimes, don’t have the physical, and mostly, the mental energy to drag yourself to the gym or to that yoga class or for that tennis session. All you really want to do is go home, order food, watch something and crash for a good 8 hour sleep.

Although I don’t see anything wrong in doing that once in a blue moon, but if that lifestyle accounts for most days of the week for you, it’s high time you shake things up, son.

I will list out some ways you can get your workout done without sweating too much about it.


Before you open that pack of chips and Netflix on your couch after coming back home, just youtube 10 minute workout for lazy people. I’m sure a hundred videos will pop up. Follow any one of them. You can also search for peculiar things like couch yoga. Sure you will find something there as well.

Less is More

Believe it or not, this is the best thing you will hear if you are lazy about workouts. There are certain workouts that you can do for as less as 4 minutes and achieve the same results as you would from an hour long walk in the park. Ever heard of Tabata? It’s 20 second of workout followed by 10 second of break time. Even if you just alternate between 2 types of exercises in this 4 minute Tabata duration, you would achieve some phenomenal results overtime. It’s also pretty good for your health to shake it up like this once or twice a week. You can download such short workouts from the numerous apps available on your phone’s play store.

Group Class

You want to reap the benefits of workout without really making the effort? Do it in a group. A group workout is such a positive energy full of people wanting to get the work done that it’s energy will get to you. However, if your sloth gets the better of you, group is still great. You are just one of the many in a batch who is working out in whatever capacity they can, and the coach’s focus of attention is not you. Congratulations! You just got it done without much effort, that’s the kind of prime ministers we are looking for.

Dance it out

I know we are discussing case of people who just want to vegetate on the couch and watch TV. But just put on some amazing dance worthy songs while you walk to the kitchen to reach a pack of chips. Dance your way to it. Dance your way back to the couch. Dance some more. If you dance on two of your favorite tracks (that’s almost 8-10 minutes), my work here is done. You have moved every part of your body and woken it up from the slumber like trance it has been in. So after taking your work shoes off, put on some dancing shoes just for a teeny tiny while.

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