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Highlights: Nutrition workshop LC Well & Tasneem Fatima Nawab

Here are highlights of the very informative nutrition session that LC Well did with Tasneem Fatima Nawab

A healthy routine is what makes a man perfect in daily working and from where we can get this happen is a real story. The nutrition workshop in this regard is helpful when it comes to seeking the right track. The world has changed a lot and so it is doing to deviate the human mind from the healthy routine to somewhat unhealthy. This changing scenario leaves very worst effects on a human being, including his or her mental and physical capability.

In the

In the video you can see Highlights of the very informative nutrition workshop which LC Well did with Tasneem Fatima Nawab.

Henceforth, the focus of this nutrition workshop is to wholly solely calculate the peril effects of bad routine on human health and to eradicate them with the best suitable diet. Various nutrients are produced by the body itself in the form of amino acids which is the major building block of protein synthesis. While other nutrients that are needed for the body functioning must be taken from outside. This includes major vital vitamins, calcium supplements, basic dietary fibers, proteins, and necessary minerals. Now the sources to these nutrients are very vast. But the major source of getting them are through diet rather than their direct intake in the form of supplements.

Here is to explain the role a nutrition workshop plays in the development of a man’s health. The important factors of this workshop are as follows:

Explain the role of basic nutrients needed for the health:

The body needs its required components and on this the health of an individual depends. Now the question asks for the exact role of these nutrients that include the vitamins and proteins. The normal diet of a human being may have all these things if this is in linear coordination with the good diet. Having the fruits, vegetables, meat, protein rich diet, nuts and cereals, a healthy diet may be summed up. This is the way it builds a guard against various diseases and help to build the immune system.

Tells us the relation between healthy diet and the sole body:

The healthy diet is in the direct relation with sole body as it determines how well the body can function if it gets all what it needs. The building up of immune system is something our mind needs for its better growth. Always the physical activity depends upon the nature of your diet. If you have energy rich food included in your diet, you are very much inclined to have a healthy body.

Describes how a healthy body is linked with healthy mind:

Similarly, there is a strong connection between mind and body. If your body would be healthy enough it would be the best safeguard for your mental activity. A healthy mind is thus an outcome of your body’s functioning. This is what a nutrition workshop explains.

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