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LC Well, with it’s agenda of creating a happy, peaceful and better world, has been on a roll since inception and time and again it provides us with something that is extraordinary. LC Well offers free meditation classes in Dubai and free yoga classes in dubai aimed for its mission towards health and wellness of […]

Free Yoga

LC Well Membership Holds Deep Wisdom For your Body.

It is a famous proverb that says a healthy body occupies a healthy mind and to support this argument, many doctors, herbalists, nutritionists and health consultants are doing their job. LC well, in this regard, is doing the same job of considering your health concerns while taking into account the natural body functioning of your […]


LC Well Yoga Session at Electra, Dubai

Electra Dubai Chapter and LC well jointly celebrated World Day for safety and health at work and organized an amazing Yoga session powered by LC Well . It Was enlightening to see Electra taking positive approach towards well-being of it’s employees. See video