About Us

Who we are?

LC Well is a well-being organization that aims to empower on an individual, community and global level. Ever since its inception, it has been creating awareness about the positive effects of well-being on an individual level, online as well as on ground. LC Well aims to be an efficient center of health and well-being.

What we do?

LC Well will organize lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, campaigns and movements all around the world, using positive psychology (the science of happiness), mindfulness, neuroscience of the conscious and unconscious mind, and movements as well as campaigns for 17 sustainable goals of the UNO along with other wellness, welfare and well-being programs.

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The Founder of LC Well

Mr. Lal Chand is a successful businessman. At the age of 58, instead of planning to retire, Mr. Chand is rewiring, and focusing all his energy, time and resources towards the well-being of the world via LC Well. His sole mission is to see the world evolve into a better, peaceful and happier place.



Why They Love Us

client feedback lc well

I congratulate Mr. Lal for the contribution he has made to humanity by starting LC Well

BR Shetty Founder of NMC Healthcare
client feedback 2 lc well

I think what LC Well is doing is amazing. LC Well is doing a fantastic job at being one of the biggest in the game.

Shibani Dandekar Singer, actress